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In response to the strong interest in public debt matters shown by members of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) during the XIII International Congress of Supreme Audit Institutions (XIII INCOSAI) celebrated in Berlin, Germany in 1989, the INTOSAI Governing Board authorized at its 35th meeting in October 1991, the establishment of a Public Debt Committee with the following purpose:

"To publish guidelines and other informational materials to be used by Supreme Audit Institutions to encourage the proper reporting and sound public debt management"

The endorsement of the INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2005-2010 by the XVIII INCOSAI, entailed a number of well-known improvements for the INTOSAI’s structure and community. This Strategic Plan underwent some adjustments in terms of organizational criteria, notably with the establishment of this INTOSAI entity within the structure of INTOSAI’s Goal 3 “Knowledge Sharing”.

One of the referred organizational adjustments was even reflected in the Public Deb Committee's denomination. As approved by the INTOSAI Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) during its 4th meeting held on March 2007, in Oslo, Norway, it was agreed that Goal 3 (Knowledge Sharing) of INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010, should become a Committee led by a Steering Committee (chaired by a Chairman) as is the case of the other INTOSAI strategic goals. This recommendation was then presented before the XIX INTOSAI Congress held in Mexico City in November 2007, and entailed a change in the name of the former Public Debt Committee. Therefore, as endorsed by the XIX INCOSAI, this specialized INTOSAI body's new name is Working Group on Public Debt WGPD) since November 2007.



The Working Group on Public Debt objectives are:

      - To prepare and publish guidelines and other materials to be used by SAIs in order to encourage the proper reporting          and sound management of public debt;

      - To identify and report to the Chair of Goal 3 Steering Committee, to Goal 3 Main Committee, to the INTOSAI         Governing Board and the INCOSAI on key issues and matters to be addressed for the development of responsibilities         and procedures for auditing and evaluating public debt commitments;

      - To prepare papers examining matters related to public debt definition, reporting and auditing for their distribution and          discussion during meetings of the Goal 3 Steering Committee, Goal 3 Main Committee, the INTOSAI Governing          Board and the Congress;

      - To establish and maintain contact, and exchange knowledge with other institutions or international organizations          dealing with public debt-related matters, as well with research or study groups focusing on issues surrounding public          debt, and

      - To promote the preparation of studies and specialized papers related to the Working Group's mandate, so as to          encourage governments' proper reporting and sound public debt management.



The INTOSAI Working Group on Public Debt concern is taking care of the quality and usefulness of the information, which is disseminated by means of this Website. We welcome and appreciate the suggestions and collaboration regarding this standing INTOSAI Working Group's documents in order to improve the content and design of this Website.

Please submit your comments and updates to secretariat@wgpd.org.mx